Flower wall

for Michaela Honies|Elegant Events on Wedding Walk in the window display of Michel Mayer

Flower print

Like a 3D print the roses seem to esteem out of the vase

autumn dinner

a come together with friends in a special location

Photography by Melanie Nedelko

autumn with friends

berrie colors and golden highlights- like a turkey for thanksgiving

Photography by Melanie Nedelko

golden elegance

elegant dinner in the City Palais Lichtenstein

for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

English Garden

only green in-between the exhibition of Albertina Museum

for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

opulent dinner

Paeonies all over in a festive surrounding of the Belvedere

for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

Just white

Plants and materials in a new context open up new spaces for the mind. Materials are redefined and new messages emerge.

for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

Paeony fever

Allowing color to work full effect: the soft elegance of spring

Dinner with friends

Creating valuable looking table decoration- with hint of Rococo. Surprising with something artistic, playful

White cloud

Overlaying the arrangement with the full volume of flowers.
for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

Wedding with friends

Reflecting the rich sumptuousness of summer, presenting expanses of flowers in full opulence
for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

Circus Dinner

Experience of summery lively colorfulness. Utilizing the entire wealth of the summer garden, right throughout to the berries. Creating also an impressing room decoration.
for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

Italian Dinner

Avoid presenting plant parts as individuals, subordinate the presentation to a particular style and theme
for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

Dinner in black

Dissolving the sphere. Achieving pace and cool effect- like a sculpture made of forms. Surprising with the oriental floral realm of the Amaryllis.
for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

Welcome chandelier

giving flowers importance through abundance, doubling, and placing them at a higher level.
for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

Sweet Buffet Etagere

Demonstrating abundance in a full and compact manner. Elevating fruit and blossom to the prime position, raising the design to an elevated position.
for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

Royal Buffet

Building up tension by inverting the proportions with the original silver from the Luxembourgs´Court Yard
for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

Diamonds are for ever

Table ornament to delight the senses.
Dinner at the Ritz Carlton Vienna
for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

Wedding Table

Achieving a bright and sunny, fresh and cheerful mood with a dose of rustic. Modern country style as table decoration.
for Doll´s Blumen, Vienna

Autumn table

Evoking early autumn feelings.
Rustic table decoration, hinting of harvest festival.
at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna